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Web Site Trust Seal

We protect you in more ways than you'd think. A web site showing our trust seal simply indicates the web site is safe and secure to do business with. In other words, the web site showing our seal is genuine. That means we have already checked the web site and the business, verified its ownership.

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Verification Process

We make sure the business you are trading with is providing valid information and collecting and storing users information in a proper way. This includes collecting users personal and financial information. Once we are confident all is right we issue the seal.

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Trust Seal

Once certified, we will provide a link to the web site. The link display our trust seal and users can see business details and level of verification of the web site by clicking the seal.

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We act as intermediary between users and the business. All you need is to file a file a complaint. We will ask the business to sort it out. If the business fails to satisfy the customer we revoke the business Trust Seal.

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What is UK Trust Seal?

A Trust Seal is a logo displayed on your website pages. It proves your website and your business is verified and you are legit. You gain trust of your visitors by showing them a proof of your validity and you are who you say you are. The seal is a HTML markup code which you simply upload anywhere on your webpage. We issue the seal once we verify your business.

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The professionals at UKTrustSeal Company are experts in their fields and will help you to bring trust to your website. We look forward to working with you!

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Seal Verification Process

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Fixed Price Trust Seal

One-Time Verification and Issuing Fee: $29.95
If we are not able to verify your business or issue the seal you will receive %100 refund. Verification takes 3 working days. Not happy? Request a full refund within 30 days.

UK Trust Seal provides website owners with a secure seal that displays a trust logo. The seal brings trust for responsible website owners. A seprate dispute section deals with complaints lodged by the visitors.

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